chart-close-up-data-desk-590022This might seem a little antiquated, but you need something to hand people. Whether you’re cold-visiting, leaving pamphlets around an office, advertising in the mail, or otherwise setting up a presence somewhere, you need something tangible explaining your business offerings. Consider having the following variations:

  1. a simple brief of your services with mostly images and short sentences
  2. antivirus and security
  3. a scarier version of #2 to prompt reluctant types
  4. Mac
  5. one emphasizing how you can help them meet their legal compliance
  6. a comparison of your packages, if that’s how you have your services arranged
  7. industry-specific: legal, accounting, engineering/architecture, real estate, design
  8. cloud offerings
  9. services you resell
  10. whatever you offer for mobile (phone and tablet)

You might consider making some of those elements modular so they can be mixed and matched on the fly. Also, Photoshop is great, but if you’re not a pro and/or you’re not so keen on making every element from scratch, consider alternatives.

Surprisingly, Microsoft PowerPoint is a great tool for making flyers. Why?

  1. It has a lot of templates.
  2. You can keep other versions of a flyer as a separate slide, which makes making and organizing versions a lot easier.
  3. You can use pre-made color schemes for the template, so you don’t have to match the colors of all of your different elements yourself.
  4. It has a lot of pre-made shapes, icons, charts, models etc. that you can customize.
  5. You can decide to make a full-fledged presentation and export it as video or a GIF.
  6. You can export as various image types or as a PDF.
  7. Its AI-powered “Design Ideas” feature is great at rearranging boring elements into something splashy and modern. It’ll even chop up, flip, and recolor your logo.

Finally, don’t be afraid to flaunt things like:

  1. badges you get from your partner programs
  2. reliable statistics (i.e. not a random headline, but something like Verizon’s data breach report)
  3. your logo
  4. honest user feedback
  5. your face (if it helps!)

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