technology-computer-lines-board-50711In a nutshell, this site is “How To Start Your Own IT Business,” aka “IT Support Business,”aka “Managed Services Provider Business.” More specifically, it’s how to start the One Man Show, which is what I did a few years ago. It’s not the guide to getting rich growing a gigantic tech company, but to starting a self-owned and -operated MSP to support yourself and your family.

This is the guide I wish I had to take me through all the research, considerations, preparations, registrations, licensing, purchasing, first meetings, and so on. This guide can’t answer all of your questions, and your life, business, goals, and location will require you to make some adjustments (according to your own judgment) from my general advice here, but I hope that my advice helps you all the same.

I’ve tried to keep the site simple. I don’t have any sponsors and I don’t get free stuff from anyone. I don’t choose the ads.

Right now “The Guide” is the site’s chief feature, and while I may reorganize it and while updates are inevitable, it’s complete. Also, feel free to cherry-pick what you need from The Guide, but it’s meant to be read as a whole before starting the process and then revisited step-by-step. The Software and Hardware Reviews are also up and ready.

Finally, I’ll be adding separate articles and downloads every week or so going forward.

Thanks for stopping by!