Domain Registration

adult-books-business-coffee-374016You’ll need to buy a domain name from one of the big domain registrars like Hover, GoDaddy, etc., or through your web host, such as WordPress. Later you’ll need to link up the Name Records on your domain name with your web host, which is easier if,  for example, it’s all done through the host.

When buying your domain name don’t overlook:

  1. Hyphens confuse people.
  2. Ampersands and periods are not allowed, even if it’s what you use in your official business name.
  3. Letters that run together confuse people: e.g. By ear it is hard to distinguish “Going gone” from “Going on” because the middle gs run together.
  4. How the top-level domain moniker, .com, .org, etc. affects the connotation and tone of your website’s name.
  5. Registering it for a few years.
  6. Keeping the credit card on file with the registrar current.
  7. Consider an abbreviation: the web address doesn’t have to be identical to your business name, although that’s desirable.

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