LLC Registration

sign-pen-business-document-48148If you decide to incorporate your business as a limited liability entity, you will be required to register it with the office of your state’s Secretary of State.

In registering you’ll fill out one of the most important documents related to your business, its Articles of Organization, which lists the business’ name, address, members, organizer, and registered agent.

This document is provided, usually for free though there may be a fee for its submission, by the office of your Secretary of State, where, once it is completed, it is kept on file. After  your business is registered with the office of the Secretary of State, you will likely be required to update your status annually (with an update form and another fee.)

The Articles of Organization is not usually a very long or complex document, although that may vary according to the size and organization of your business, so fill it out and keep it current.


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