templatesMost jobs boil down to repeating common tasks. Scheduling scripts is your way of handling common computer tasks, templates are your way of handling common communications with people. This sounds rude and impersonal, but in fact it’s better for you and your client.

First, obviously you can respond more quickly, which pleases you by getting something off of your plate and pleases your client because they aren’t in limbo wondering what’s going on, which is stressful.

Second, when you start with a template you don’t feel the pressure to compose the perfect email, so you don’t get stressed and start writing poorly, which makes you look unprofessional, rushed, surprised, and unprepared.

Third, when the issue is tendentious, you’re not tempted to ramble and go off on people. You can send them the acknowledgement template, get to work on the issue, and then follow up later when you’ve cooled off.

Fourth, the act of making templates is an implicit acknowledgment that certain types of things are going to happen eventually. This means you won’t be surprised when they come, and it gives you the advantage of planning your response in both word and action, so that you’re not winging it when it happens. You get to choose, and avoid, without the pressure of an urgent problem.



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