Microsoft Partner

mspartnerA Microsoft Partnership has four substantial benefits, each of which is probably worth it by itself.

First, you need to be a MS Partner if you want to resell Microsoft licenses to your clients. It’s not extremely profitable in itself, but it’s far easier to serve clients if they buy their Microsoft licenses through you. Also, many clients will prefer or expect that you manage licensing for them. Finally, you’ll be able to spare everyone the frustration of when they’ve let their subscription lapse.

Second, you need to be a MS Partner to be eligible for Partner subscription benefits. Microsoft offers three tiers of benefits to partners, starting with the Action Pack for $475/yr. That subscription nets you a generous helping of licenses for Windows 10, Server, Office and more for internal business use. This is a steal both for what you’ll use and for what you’ll be able to experiment with. It’s also easier to reassign these subscription licenses than OEM ones. Download the “License Guide” to see exactly what you’ll get.

Third, the MS Partner Network can help you advertise and connect with clients by including your business profile in their partner database.

Fourth and finally, it looks good to clients. It suggests your business is organized enough to be recognized by one of the biggest names in the business.

As you provide the Partner Network with your business information in the application process, there’s a bit of a delay after each step as they review it. Be patient, but if something seems wrong give them a call. I had to and they were friendly and helpful.

Apple Business Manager

This is not quite as versatile an offering as the Microsoft Partner Network, especially if you’re small, but the Apple Business Manager program is a great way to centralize App deployment and billing.

If you sign up, they’ll give you a call to verify things and remind you the program is for internal use only. Please note that they do enforce this!


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